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Open hours 12-20
mobile: 22 666 02 60
Kolorado Bemowo - Stanisława Konarskiego 88 street, 01-355 Warsaw
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Birthday party in Kolorado

Book a date you wish to hold a birthday party on (even one month ahead of time)

Send us an email with filled form provided on our website and we’ll get back to you. Don’t forget to write your phone number.

przyjęcia urodzinowe dla dziecka Bemowo

    Monday thru Thursday Friday Saturday, Sunday and holidays
    1 2 3
    1 2 3 4
    1kilo/2 lb - 10 guests 1,5 kilo/3 lb -15 guests 2 kilos/4 lb - 20 guests.
    Picture on the birthday cake
    Kolorado Special Royal Own
    Simple white Color

    Contact details

    Birthday party entry tickets

    Adults free of charge

    Monday thru Thursday

    24 zł


    26 zł

    Saturday, Sunday and holidays

    32 zł

    Unlimited playing time

    You will be charged only for children present at the party

    We accept reservations for birthday party with the minimum of 5 guests.

    Choose the Birthday Room or the Birthday Table

    Birthday Room cost - 120 zl/2h

    Room 1

    Room 2

    Room 3

    Birthday Table cost 90 zl/2h

    Table 1

    Table 2

    Table 3

    Table 4

    Choose your birthday cake, birthday’s menu and tableware

    Standard birthday cake

    1kilo/2 lb – 10 guests 54 zl.

    1,5 kilo/3 lb -15 guests 81 zl.

    2 kilos/4 lb – 20 guests 108 zl.

    Birthday cake with a picture

    1kilo/2 lb – 10 guests 84 zl.

    1,5 kilo/3 lb -15 guests 111 zl.

    2 kilos/4 lb – 20 guests 131 zl.

    Our traditional birthday menu

    Unlimited drinks (fruit drinks and water)
    5 types of butter cookies
    Assorted fruit platter
    Assorted candies
    Jelly beans and fruit jellies 150 grams
    Breadsticks, chips, assorted crackers 50 grams
    Crisps and popcorn 50 grams

    18 zl. per person

    Our Royal birthday menu

    Unlimited drinks (fruit drinks and water)
    3 types of butter cookies
    Mini donuts, mini puffs mini eclairs
    Baked cakes 2 types – king’s cheesecake apple pie or other
    Assorted fruit platter – pineapple, apple, banana, grapes, peaches and mandarins
    Assorted fruit and chocolate candies
    Jelly beans and fruit jellies
    Breadsticks, assorted crackers
    Crisps, chips and popcorn
    Assorted dried fruits – pineapple, papaya, mango, coconut flakes, banana chips
    Assorted nuts
    Surprise small cake

    32 zl. per person

    Our special birthday menu

    Unlimited drinks (fruit drinks and water)
    Cereal cakes (oat, spicy, spelled)
    Pies from the oven (fruit strudel, carrot cake
    or yoghurt cake)
    Mix of dried tropical fruits (pineapple, papaya, mango and coconut flakes and banana chips)
    Pumpkin seeds, sunflower
    Mix of hazelnuts, hazelnuts and almonds
    Corn crisps
    Fruit platter (pineapple, apple, banana, grape, peach or mandarin)

    32 zl. per person

    Standard tableware white


    3,5 zl. per person

    Color tableware

    Additional colorful party caps and trumpets

    5,5 zl. per person

    Kolorado’s unique birthday invitations are available for 1,5 zl per piece.

    Kolorado’s well stocked mini cafe bar with variety of beverages and sweets are at your disposal.

    Czynne codziennie 10:00-20:00Dezynfekowana sala - lampy UV-CImprezy na wyłączność