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Kolorado Bemowo - Stanisława Konarskiego 88 street, 01-355 Warsaw
mobile: 721 778 800
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About us

Kolorado company has been successfully running its indoor playground for over 20 years alluring children from Warsaw and suburbs with unique attractions like interactive play, professional service and pleasant interiors one feels great in.

Our indoor playground is located in a perfect spot situated in a high and spacious detached building in a middle of green residential area of “Przyjaźń” Bemowo district of Warsaw.
Kolorado’s exclusive design owes its unique atmosphere to the rare and timeless arrangement created by uncommon US architect J.Bielski from Janek Bielski Architects of California.

Detailed rules and regulations have been drawn to ensure safety for all who enter our playground


  1. Indoor playground is designated for children 13 and younger.
  2. Every child using playground must bear a valid entry pass.
  3. Guardians are responsible for children in their custody who are on the premises.
  4. Kolorado is not responsible for children left alone in the playground area.
  5. Adults (all persons 18 and older) do not pay for entry when children in their custody are using playground.
  6. Playground construction is to be used by persons not exceeding 110 kilos / 220 pounds in weight.
  7. Children and adults entering playground construction must wear socks. No shoes or slippers allowed.
  8. Sportswear is recommended – long pants and shirts.
  9. While using indoor playground construction no glasses, ear rings and rings made of metal, plastic, glass, etc. are allowed.
  10. Eating and drinking is limited to the cafeteria.
  11. Entering the playground area with food or drink is not allowed, nor are chewing gum, lollipops nor candies.
  12. It is not allowed to climb thin dividing nets
  13. Climbing slides from bottom up is not permitted
  14. All clients use indoor playground at their own risk, especially those in poor health – with heart conditions, orthopedic issues and generally people prone to physical injury.
  15. In case of any physical injury sustained while on the premises the manager must be notified immediately. We do not accept claims made at a later date after leaving playground area.
  16. Kolorado reserves the right to post selected pictures and movies taken on the premises on its website, as well as on Fb and to use it in its marketing materials. Every person who does not agree to have his/her image or his/her child’s image posted on our website or fb, or to be used in our marketing materials needs to notify Kolorado about it by sending an email with attached images to: kolorado@kolorado.com.pl
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